Fringe Thoughts on Twenty Six

I’ve always been excited to turn twenty-six. It would be the age of transitioning back to the creative and focused introvert that I really am. I can finally work on what I love.

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Crawling Back To The Start

I want to throw my hands up in surrender, to the pointlessness of it all, to the words I seem to think might change someone’s life forever – change my life forever. I want to give up and escape the frustration of fully understanding and knowing the impact you want to leave and not having one clue as to how to begin.

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Remind Yourself

Stop pretending. Enjoy the silence. Consider critique only from your family and friends. Not everything needs to be captured. Your reply can wait. Just because they did doesn’t mean you should. Write with a pen. Be intentional. Love your reflection. Confidently wear your glasses. Speak with authority. Plans need to fall apart. Express grace. The […]

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Fail Forward

“What’s the point if you’re eventually going to disappoint?” This was the statement that held me back without even knowing it. I eventually had to learn that being afraid to fail or make a mistake is the equivalent of being afraid to live. By knowing and accepting that I will fall short was what helped […]

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Hard Work

I wasn’t really fond of hard work. Hard work is like a not-so-close cousin you grew up with and eventually had to deal with at every family gathering. He’s part of your life and you can’t escape him when he’s around. You get along with him well but you’re not entirely excited nor do you […]

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