Now or Never

1. Check Facebook and Instagram twice a day only. 2. Don’t avoid talking to people, especially when He tells you to pray for other people or when He gives you opportunities to share. 3. Listen to listen, not to respond. 4. Finish your workouts strong. 5. Always choose the healthiest and drink lots of water. […]

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You’re Better Than This

You’re better than your misunderstandings. You’re better than your problems. You’re better than your failures. You’re better than your struggles. You’re better than your imperfections. You’re better than your fears. You’re better than your pain. You’re better than what they think you are. You’re better than your worst mistake. If you choose to. Featured Image: […]

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What You Know

No one knows that you were trying your hardest to hold your tongue. No one knows the real motivation behind why you do what you do. No one knows that you’re having a pretty shitty day. No one knows that you know something they don’t. No one knows how you truly feel. No one knows […]

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Convictions Of The Heart

“Sometimes the story we’re telling the world isn’t half as endearing as the one that lives inside us.” – Donald Miller The world tells us to become vulnerable and intimate to chosen people as an exception to the general rule. But He commands us to be vulnerable and intimate with everyone as a general rule […]

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In Fear Or In Love

We will always reach a point where we will be given a choice to act out of either fear or love. It’s not something you notice until you really pay attention to it, but only when we’ve decided do we see what we’ve done. It could be as simple as saying hello to a stranger, […]

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Risk Being Seen

I’m done. I’m tired of formulating half-baked ideas. I’m sick to death of unfulfilled plans. I’m all out of excuses to pause. I don’t want to wait to get all my shit together to make the first step – I think I’ve waited long enough. I don’t know what exactly to promise here, I never […]

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