Sheklistography 52

-graphy A descriptive science. I’ve always been in love with writing, photography, film and design. Always. If I could re-live my life all over again, I would’ve signed up for these courses back in high school and college. I’m content and committed with my current path towards becoming a social and creative entrepreneur but my […]

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Want v. Need

There is no question that what you need will always trump the things you want. Because frankly, you can’t get what you want before you accomplish what you need. It is not possible for you get that trophy for first place without training day in and day out for it. You will not ascend the […]

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I Don’t Know

That seems to be my answer to anything future-related these days. It’s harder to admit but I figure it’ll do me a lot better than coming up with an answer I know is a lie.   Lately, I’ve been waking up feeling like a fraud. It’s like I woke up one day and realized I […]

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The Great Restoration

“Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but the Lord tests the heart.” (Proverbs 17:3) Following that train of thought would mean that the past year was a series of pop quizzes, final exams that allowed only a day or two of review, rounds of debates that lasted months, a thesis I had to […]

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You’re In A Rut

..when your back’s pushed against the wall. ..when all your bright ideas have gone dim. ..when the only emotion left is apathy. ..when you miss out on even the most obvious answers. ..when you feel heavy and burdened. ..when you run out of answers and solutions. ..when you run out of thoughts to overthink. ..when […]

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Remind Yourself

Stop pretending. Enjoy the silence. Consider critique only from your family and friends. Not everything needs to be captured. Your reply can wait. Just because they did doesn’t mean you should. Write with a pen. Be intentional. Love your reflection. Confidently wear your glasses. Speak with authority. Plans need to fall apart. Express grace. The […]

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Now or Never

1. Check Facebook and Instagram twice a day only. 2. Don’t avoid talking to people, especially when He tells you to pray for other people or when He gives you opportunities to share. 3. Listen to listen, not to respond. 4. Finish your workouts strong. 5. Always choose the healthiest and drink lots of water. […]

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