Begin Again

The key to finding your stride isn’t delaying the start, it’s getting right back to where you fell off or if you have to from where you started.

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In Transit – Vol. 1

If anyone ever asks me where my favourite place to work and relax in is. It’s wherever I can work and relax on a train, on a plane, in an airport maybe or at the bus station.

But I think the reason behind it is that I like working knowing that something else is progressing around me – either in sight or running in the background. I think it’s because I really don’t want to waste time.

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Week 2: City of Mysteries

Luckily I was in Petra, Jordan for this prompt. Easy feat. I swear, the videos do not do this place justice at all. It’s always a surreal experience travelling to a place where you’ll be exposed to something other than Asian, European or American culture. You never know what to expect.

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Week 1: Face Off

2016 to me is a symbol of what I’m heading towards and everything I’m walking away from (2015 and the years before that). Naks. Deep.

Well, that and the transition from a noisy urban city to a seemingly calm and provinicial morning is also something that’s in the works. Hint. Hint.

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Sheklistography 52

-graphy A descriptive science. I’ve always been in love with writing, photography, film and design. Always. If I could re-live my life all over again, I would’ve signed up for these courses back in high school and college. I’m content and committed with my current path towards becoming a social and creative entrepreneur but my […]

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