Oh Hi, March

Today, I’m remembering the beauty of a fresh start, the mercy that comes with every God-given morning.

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A Little Over Twenty Seven

Maybe it’s the physical manifestation of age, or recognizing too many patterns in your life to know that A rationally leads to B – but can also lead to C or even Z if break enough rules to make it happen and follow enough rules to not get into too much trouble.

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Crawling Back To The Start

I want to throw my hands up in surrender, to the pointlessness of it all, to the words I seem to think might change someone’s life forever – change my life forever. I want to give up and escape the frustration of fully understanding and knowing the impact you want to leave and not having one clue as to how to begin.

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They say access can lead to success. But really it can keep you reckless. The key to living is on less, not on a life of excess.

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