Why do I think? Why do I try? / Why does it seem like I can fly? / These notions and these motions / Against the current, fighting corrosions

Paralyzed and stiff / Man, I think I really need a spliff / These options and these choices / How can I focus amidst the noises

They say access can lead to success / But really it can keep you reckless / The key to living is on less / Not on a life of excess

We’re Alices and Peter Pans /Daydreaming bout Lala Land / With parents supporting every switch / Every desire, every rant, / Grantin’ every wish

When you think you can do anything / You feel the need to take on everything / Girl, you’re in for a rude awakening / Stepping up to the plate with nothing

Now I ain’t blaming anyone – I’m awake / Responsibility falls on one – I’m at stake / There’s really no way to prepare / Life is somehow made to scare

The shit out of your mind / So that you don’t go on walkin blind / Amongst these minions and their opinions / Under dominion without the Son / What is the meanin of this

Now I can keep starin at my shoes / And turn a blind eye to the news / But I can’t help the need to prove  / That I can make things happen make things move

By day I’m punching in the numbers / Suits, slots and ruffled feathers / At night pour words into the dark / No easy feat, but I got heart

And a good enough mind / To keep my hustle deep in the grind / There’s no way out of it now / I’m running after the crown

I’m chasing the Renaissance / Ain’t got no time for your responses / You can act all non-chalant / Deep down this is what you really want

Now it might seem like a lot / But I know that it’s worth a shot / To lay your life, lay your heart / Even if you keep coming back to the start

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