Worry About Today

As a person whose pride rests on making things happen for herself, looking back on this year the the year before it, most of my life’s best moments, best opportunities and best treasures – never resulted from the effort I took pride in.

All of them, and I mean every single one, came in the form of a gift or as a surprise occurrence that when I really think about looking back – were instances I could have never orchestrated.

Thinking about it now, each instance was a present dropped onto my lap for me to maniacally open. I never had to buy the gift and wrap it myself. All I had to do was show up and be ready to receive it.

Normally, I would worry and fret about the wrong things or go above and beyond to reach opportunities I think I deserve already.

But time and time again, my impatience and misplaced confidence has gotten the better of me, revealing that I was not yet ready for what I was reaching. Only when I trusted Him to graciously give me the gift of opportunity and timing did things work out and last.

It’s an incredible discovery for a hungry-for-greatness worrier and planner that all I have to set my mind on is preparing and working on today.

This isn’t a new lesson for me and it doesn’t mean that I can’t plan a week, a month or a year ahead. But I thank Him for patiently reminding me over and over and over again that all I need to focus on is the present of today, the people in it and making sure I tackle the day as prepared as I ever can be.

Truly, I need not worry about yesterday and tomorrow. All I need to focus on is today.


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