Week 2: City of Mysteries

Week 2: City of Mysteries

Prompt: Week 2 – Landscape: Traditional

Shoot a beautiful landscape and share it with the world. Find a nice foreground and don’t forget the sky.

Story (Video & Photos):

Luckily I was in Petra, Jordan for this prompt. Easy feat. I swear, the videos do not do this place justice at all. It’s always a surreal experience travelling to a place where you’ll be exposed to something other than Asian, European or American culture. You never know what to expect. 

I was on a trip with my family – a yearly pilgrimage of sorts – that starts in Jordan and ends in Israel. We were with a  tour group organised by Signs and Wonders and we had a bible study tour with the renowned Amir Tsarfati. Our group consisted mostly of people who attended New Life Christian – Alabang. So you’ll be seeing a video covering that entire trip soon.


Didn’t really need much thought. My problem was choosing what to do with the clips I shot. Although, I couldn’t help but search if The Matador Network had already done a video on Petra.

 Gorgeous right? Viewed it and immediately knew I had to use the song. Sounds like Arabic trap if you’ve already seen it – which is surprisingly something I am now into. 


What really blew me away during this trip was the vastness of the formations and the majestic views from all around. 

Brought a Canon 650D, a Sony a6000 and a GoPro Hero 3 for the trip. Shot some footage on my iPhone 6s too.

Used the Canon mainly for shooting video. Not sure if the Canon has an issue with autofocus but it was really slow and noisy. I had to use manual focus for most of the time which is hard when you’re shooting and walking at the same time. I didn’t have that much time to linger in one spot so I was shooting on the go for the most of it. 

Then I shot photos using the Sony a6000 which produced really stellar results. Despite the fast and seamless autofocus, the video quality was a bit of a letdown after testing out some clips (stark difference) so I chose to use it just for photos instead. Sucks though. I wish I had the Canon quality video with the Sony autofocus. Now that’s a killer combo. Maybe I should get the Sony A7 already.

In a year maybe.

Delegated the GoPro to my Dad for family shots and the family’s general use. Didn’t really need it as much as I thought I would for Petra. I planned on doing some time lapses but like I mentioned, had no time for it. Although I wish I rented a drone for this trip.

For next time. 


This was just basic cut and edit. Some color grading. Still having some trouble with slow-mo reverse shots but that’s it. Doesn’t get any simpler than that. Wanted to release it right away so didn’t think I needed to edit as much since the footage was fantastic. 

See you next week for Week 3!

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