Under The Microscope Vol. 1



Albert Einstein‘s biography by Walter Isaacson. Alexander Hamilton‘s biography by Ron Chernow (seriously, that musical is taking over my life. Need to find a support group for this). Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.

Just finished Originals: How Non-Conformists Rule The World by Adam Grant. Great insights.


Working on the Week 3 and 4 backlog work for my 52-Week film challenge. A pitch deck for this documentary I want to shoot starting June. An itinerary for a Paris-Italy trip in May.


Formation by Beyonce. I mean, seriously. Who isn’t? And this remix of BBHMM. Your workout will thank me.


Steve Jobs. Watched it twice already. About to watch it again. SO. GOOD. The script is electric. It’s directed like a play. The cinematography is carefully crafted. Everyone involved is SO proud of it. The processes behind this movie really captivate me.

About to catch up on Season 3 of House of Cards. You now know my weekend plans.


Freshly fried chicken fingers right by my laptop. YUM.


My carefully organized and segmentized social media accounts. Buh-bye Facebook profile, hello to my Facebook page. Thank you Instagram for also finally including a multiple account log-in. I now have a locked personal account (@shekbangsil) and a portfolio account (@sheklist). Follow me on Snapchat (shekbangsil) too in case you thought of that – which I doubt.

Trying to live as distraction-free as possible so I can focus on making shit happen.


About how to execute the projects and plans I have on my plate for the next couple of months.

Other than the ones mentioned above, my new routine since I’d be in Angeles, Pampanga on weekdays, my Muay Thai and gym schedules, reviewing my project management notes, writing for PLUMP and other publications, backlog video editing, doubling my salary for the month and a whole bunch of minor things.


Gummy bears. Been off sweets, whites, junk food, fast food and pork for a while (meaning almost a week). And BLOGGING. The interface is just irreplaceable.


Lipa Buko Juice. My saving grace from boring water.


Sweatpants – Childish Gambino by Sanek


“Imagination is the limit.” – Elon Musk

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