Week 1: Face Off




Prompt: Week 1 – Portrait: Self-Portrait

Start things off with a “selfie”. Explore the self-timer setting on your camera.

Story (Video): 

2016 to me is a symbol of what I’m heading towards and everything I’m walking away from (2015 and the years before that). Naks. Deep.

Well, that and the transition from a noisy urban city to a seemingly calm and provinicial morning is also something that’s in the works. Hint. Hint.

Story (Photos):

I just loved the texture of a crisp white polo shirt. Wanted to play around with that. No story of substance there.

Used my Sony a6000 to shoot it. By the way, I love the fact that like a GoPro it has a mobile app called PlayMemories that I can use to transfer files through wi-fi and that I can use it as a viewfinder and a remote. Definite plus.


It was not easy to come up with a concept.

All I had going for me was the song No Role Modelz by J.Cole. I was just playing the first 30s over and over and over until hopefully something popped up in my head.

I’ve been in a hip-hop mood for the last couple of months. Been slowly dressing up like a dude (I’ve been shopping in the men’s section of F21, Topshop, H&M and Zara) or androgynously – I think. Memorizing Childish Gambino verses and spitting them out on Snapchat (shekbangsil).

You get the picture.

I wanted an urban city look for sure. I live in the Fort Bonifacio area so that wasn’t complicated. I’ve been working late into the morning (2AM-4AM) the past couple of weeks so any shoot I could do would definitely be at night.


I’m VERY awkward when I’m trying to shoot in general because I can never seem to explain what it is I want nor what it is I’m trying to do (which is why I don’t want to work with other people – yet). So this was a perfect starter set-up as I get into the groove of things.

The shot of me walking was the street right in front of our house at around 4:30AM. I parked in the middle of the street. Took out my tripod. Set my Sony a6000 with its 16-50mm lens on it and used my car headlights as my light source.


(I haven’t fully explored the capabilities of my camera yet so I’ll be sharing what I learn as I go along)

The urban city shot was along Burgos Circle, BGC. I had my GoPro Hero3+ with me and I just held it with the collapsible handheld slash tripod while sitting in my car.

The dawn shot was on the balcony of my house with my GoPro Hero3+.


Locations and shots were pretty easy for this one. I just needed a 15s video. Might not go into this much detail for every shot but I’ll try to do as much as I can.

On a side note, I wanted to purchase a Sony a7r (more expensive and more capable d-slr for video) but since I was just starting and learning, I wanted something more compact and useable first.

I can fix quality later. I need to learn how to make good content first.


I wish I had a shot list before I started shooting but no – I have not reached that level of creativity and execution yet. So I really had no idea how the final outcome was going to be until I had all the clips imported and I started playing around.

Using Final Cut Pro X since I haven’t gone into depth in learning Adobe Premiere Pro. Will get to that later – maybe -no, I have to. Haha.

For the photos, I used the VSCO Cam and the Afterlight app to edit.


That’s it for the first week! Let me know if you have any questions.

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