Sheklistography 52


A descriptive science.

I’ve always been in love with writing, photography, film and design. Always.

If I could re-live my life all over again, I would’ve signed up for these courses back in high school and college. I’m content and committed with my current path towards becoming a social and creative entrepreneur but my creative side is an itch I’ve tried to, but simply cannot ignore.

I went as far as being a producer for a production house, but that pursuit was immediately cut short due to family business responsibilities I had to start handling.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve always managed to have a yearly creative project. I’ve already done a 365-day photography project two years in a row, and the year after that was a creative project focused on writing and submitting articles to different publishing platforms.

Last year, I was able to satisfy my itch for creative expression (aka stay sane) through a 100-Day Project called Sheklist Notes.

These creative projects of mine always served as a way for me to immediately apply what I learn and discover new techniques I wouldn’t have encountered if I didn’t have the project to begin with.

It was my informal way of learning.

During the project, I already thought about taking it one notch higher by finally diving into producing video content too.

My mission is to find a way to informally learn and merge music, writing, video, photo and design into one project.

A year-long one at that.

I was scared to do it – knowing I wouldn’t be able to live up to my own standards. Stupid cycle of thought, I know. How else am I supposed to even reach my standard if I don’t bother learning the basics?

I didn’t want to stay a fangirl and fawn over other people’s work. I had enough of it. The same people I was exploring possibilities with were already recognised for their work and I was feeling left behind.

The project I’m taking on will be based on the 52-Week Photography Challenge by Dogwood Photography. I was searching the No Film School database for a project and although this was a photography project, it would be easy to turn it into a various-forms-of-content-kind-of-project.

The night I discovered it, I took it upon myself to start immediately.

I’ll be publishing the content I produce through my Instagram (teasers and trailers), Vimeo (full videos), Facebook Page (full videos and some content) and this site (full content, full video and full story with some technical descriptions).

Stay tuned.

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