Want v. Need

There is no question that what you need will always trump the things you want. Because frankly, you can’t get what you want before you accomplish what you need.

It is not possible for you get that trophy for first place without training day in and day out for it.

You will not ascend the ranks and be given greater responsibility when you cannot consistently deliver on the smallest of tasks.

Much is required of greatness.

But greatness, as I’ve lately come to learn comes at a higher price.

It means saying no to drinks on a weekday in favour of some extra reading to brush up on some skills you want to learn.

It means stopping in the middle of a really thrilling TV episode when you remember something you know you need to do.

It means putting down the candy bar you just opened and offering it to someone else instead when you remember that you’re choosing to eat properly this year.

Personally, I struggle with almost every responsibility and task given to me – fighting what I want versus what I need.

It’s not easy to learn self-discipline when you’re trying to teach it to yourself, and it isn’t easy to unlearn and reshape a lot of bad habits you’ve acquired over the years. It is especially difficult when your default is an escapist who cuts corners and can justify just about anything.

So, how the heck do you undo that?

From what I’ve been learning so far? The key is to be stubborn.

To be stubborn in standing up the second you fall.

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