Week 1: Face Off

2016 to me is a symbol of what I’m heading towards and everything I’m walking away from (2015 and the years before that). Naks. Deep.

Well, that and the transition from a noisy urban city to a seemingly calm and provinicial morning is also something that’s in the works. Hint. Hint.

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Sheklistography 52

-graphy A descriptive science. I’ve always been in love with writing, photography, film and design. Always. If I could re-live my life all over again, I would’ve signed up for these courses back in high school and college. I’m content and committed with my current path towards becoming a social and creative entrepreneur but my […]

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Want v. Need

There is no question that what you need will always trump the things you want. Because frankly, you can’t get what you want before you accomplish what you need. It is not possible for you get that trophy for first place without training day in and day out for it. You will not ascend the […]

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