I Don’t Know

That seems to be my answer to anything future-related these days.

It’s harder to admit but I figure it’ll do me a lot better than coming up with an answer I know is a lie.



Lately, I’ve been waking up feeling like a fraud.

It’s like I woke up one day and realized I was still wearing diapers, and all I’ve been since is paranoid because I didn’t want to get caught.

But here I am, voilá! Secret’s out. I’m confessing to the crime.

I don’t know what the hell it is I’m doing and the amazing thing is that it turns out no one else does either. But I think we’ve all been pretending for far too long now.

That’s why I relaunched The Shek List. I need to bridge the gap.

For one, I got tired of pretending to know what I don’t. It’s exhausting and I wanna hang up my mask for good. There’s a lot I don’t know and it’s time I admit that so I can fix it (check the Facebook page description box for a better explanation).

Second, I got sick and tired of the purely-curated Instagram and Facebook profiles on my feed. I also didn’t like being affected by the number of likes that I have. I missed the authenticity and vulnerability that social media used to encourage.

That’s why Snapchat ended up becoming my new favorite social media app (and partly why I think it’s booming right now). You couldn’t really filter or edit your reality (as much) and you weren’t trying impress or turn it into your portfolio, you just did it for the fun of it. Pressure’s off.

I miss hearing stories in-between. I miss witnessing progress. These days we only post the finished product, but to me that just sucks the fun out of it.

Lately, I’ve come to embrace being goofy, silly, and vulnerable and I’m hoping through whatever content I create with this in mind, I’ll encourage others too.

That it’s not always about perfect or getting things done – that sometimes it’s looking for that push, celebrating that extra step, being able to laugh at that mistake, dancing on the cliff, getting up after you fall, following your fancy, or learning something new.

I’m no longer going to wait until things are perfect before I start.

Hence, the iPhone-quality videos, the simple designs and short posts. I want to document the progress but I don’t want the documentation to take focus away from the work nor take the fun out of it.

I just want to start, share, get better, and learn along the way.



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