Hard Work

I wasn’t really fond of hard work. Hard work is like a not-so-close cousin you grew up with and eventually had to deal with at every family gathering. He’s part of your life and you can’t escape him when he’s around. You get along with him well but you’re not entirely excited nor do you […]

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Yes and No

It’s hard for me to choose. I was never the decisive kind, I went through a phase where I just let life happen to me and I just went along for the ride. I’m a fan of grabbing every opportunity and saying yes to anything I could possibly fit in my schedule. Part of it […]

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Self-Improvement Junkie

I feel like a walking self-improvement book. Churning out statements left and right and freely giving advice, answering emails and writing articles regarding one’s self and even people’s careers for the  last couple of years. To be frank, I’m uncomfortable about it. I’m scared to get called out one day. I imagine I’m going to […]

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Surrender To The Process

I’m an entrepreneurship graduate who pursued law school and then went into casino marketing and reverted back to being a law student who then dropped it all and became a server that lead to becoming a producer who got eventually convinced to become a marketing and communications consultant who’s up until now trying to make […]

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You’re Turning Twenty Five

“You’re turning twenty five.” My friends use it as an answer to my life queries. My Dad delivers it like a death sentence. My brother uses it to win an argument. Around this time I thought I would’ve had my own personal assistant and driver, a premium one-bedroom condominium, a personal diet I followed resulting […]

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