Now or Never

1. Check Facebook and Instagram twice a day only.

2. Donโ€™t avoid talking to people, especially when He tells you to pray for other people or when He gives you opportunities to share.

3. Listen to listen, not to respond.

4. Finish your workouts strong.

5. Always choose the healthiest and drink lots of water.

6. Be comfortable with your opinions.

7. Track your spending habits and apply the percentage rule when you receive your salary.

8. Wake up when you hear first hear the alarm.

9. Respond donโ€™t react.

10. Donโ€™t avoid being yourself.

11. Admit what you donโ€™t know.

12. Avoid expectations but be in a state of expectancy.

13. Work smart.

14. Find the story.

15. Cook your meals.

16. Build character.

17. Choose less.

18. Decide more.

19. Learn to be compassionate, selfless and generous.

20. Be consistent.

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