Convictions Of The Heart

“Sometimes the story we’re telling the world isn’t half as endearing as the one that lives inside us.” – Donald Miller

The world tells us to become vulnerable and intimate to chosen people as an exception to the general rule. But He commands us to be vulnerable and intimate with everyone as a general rule – no exceptions.

We define being vulnerable as putting your heart on your sleeve and letting your emotions run the show. The opposite of which is guarding your heart, being able to decide with your head and putting logic and tact over your emotions.

In my opinion, both perspectives are wrong.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. – Proverbs 4:23

We can’t help but whip up this verse as a biblical answer to every heart issue we encounter. As a reminder to someone in pursuit of someone else, as a nudge to those who are hurting, as a guiding north star to those who are searching, and sometimes as a justification to those who are in fear.

But what I’m learning is that I don’t think guarding your heart meant putting up a wall between you and everyone else nor did it mean abstaining from using it – it meant paying attention to who was influencing it.

We are taught that our hearts are deceitful and misleading. In fact, our decisions are always weighed with a decision to either follow your head or your heart.

But here’s a crazy idea, what if it our hearts were actually meant to align with our head?

By choosing who to be vulnerable and intimate with and by creating a battle that should’ve never existed I guarded myself not only from pain I also blocked off love and grace.

Only by using my heart, by embracing the flaws, the mistakes, and the imperfections of my life and the people around me was I able to enjoy and have enough reserves to love others.

I’m learning that our heart’s desires aren’t just our emotions, that His definition of heart isn’t a heart that’s just made of emotions, it’s a heart that’s rooted in convictions.

Convictions are beliefs beyond certainty – this is the anchor, the guiding star and the cornerstone that pulls everything together.

A relationship with Christ is an everyday decision to trust Him to transform your heart. It’s a decision to let your heart be influenced by only Him and His ways – a heart capable of offering true selfless love and humbling grace.

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