Self-Improvement Junkie

I feel like a walking self-improvement book.

Churning out statements left and right and freely giving advice, answering emails and writing articles regarding one’s self and even people’s careers for the  last couple of years.

To be frank, I’m uncomfortable about it.

I’m scared to get called out one day. I imagine I’m going to be confronted by someone who’ll see the gap between what I say and what I do.

In fact, I’ve been extra careful about writing lately because I implemented this rule for myself that I can’t write something I can’t live up to.

It’s annoying and amusing how I end up being accountable for what I write, this was supposed to be my form of therapy, and it’s slowly stifling and helping me in some weird way.

Whoever is reading this, just know that I’m just taking each day and decision as it comes.

I’m just living with what I know and what I think is right.

Hopefully by the time someone confronts me I’ll have already closed the gaps.

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