Surrender To The Process

I’m an entrepreneurship graduate who pursued law school and then went into casino marketing and reverted back to being a law student who then dropped it all and became a server that lead to becoming a producer who got eventually convinced to become a marketing and communications consultant who’s up until now trying to make things happen – all in a span of 3 years.

Apart from that blur of official jobs I took, I also dipped my toes in event styling, film making, entrepreneurship, designing, and writing – well, these are the ones I remember.
I used to be hellbent on getting every single step right and pursuing the ultimate career, and it inevitably kept leading me to surrender control to what felt like a wasted and bizarre path.

The twists and turns of my career has surprisingly equipped me to do what I’m doing today and is preparing me for who I eventually want to become.

As overused as it is, you can really only connect the dots looking back.

Only when I accepted and figured out the line between what I could control and what I couldn’t control was I able make wiser choices and move forward.

You can’t always internalize and reflect on every single decision you make as you figure things out. For one, it’ll exhaust you and second you’ll never move an inch.

What I’ve learned to take to heart is that you’ve got to surrender to the process.

You’ll eventually realize that all you really need to find out is where to start and where to finish.

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