The Villain

We all grew up knowing that the villain steals, kills, and destroys.

These are obviously evil – we already know that.

But what we take for granted is the fact we only know who the villain is because the storyteller already told us and made it obviously so.

So how about real life?

How can you spot the villain when you’re part of the story?

Wouldn’t you have been grateful to Ursula when she was the only one who was able to give you what you desperately wanted?

Wouldn’t you have fought with Gaston if he was the only one who could save your town and your family?

Wouldn’t you have sided with Scar if your King banished you from Pride Rock?

Wouldn’t you have thought Hans ambition was well-placed given that he just worked hard and fought for what he thought he deserved?

In fairy tales, heroes are strictly heroes and villains are strictly villains.

But in real life, no person is strictly black or white.

Sometimes the villain we discriminate could just be the fighting for his family.

Sometimes the hero can be that obnoxious and mean neighbor you always avoid eye contact with.

Sometimes the villain can be that charming guy saying all the right words.

Sometimes the hero can be the one people laugh at the most.

In reality there will be times that the villain can be your hero in disguise while the hero can be the villain you despise.

So how do we know right from wrong? How can we tell between a real hero and a real villain?

Ask the storyteller – He’ll tell you who, what and where, from why.

Photo: Shekinah Bangsil | Location: Armenian Quarter, Israel

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