In Fear Or In Love

We will always reach a point where we will be given a choice to act out of either fear or love.

It’s not something you notice until you really pay attention to it, but only when we’ve decided do we see what we’ve done.

It could be as simple as saying hello to a stranger, or suggesting an idea at a meeting. A click of a button to finally book that trip, or a phone call that you’ve been long delaying, a simple text message that will mend what was broken or a secret you’ve been long keeping. It could be a decision to say no or a decision to stay. Or a kind of life that you find yourself up at night thinking about or an idea you’ve long wanted to build on.

It’s a risk – to choose, to trust, to jump into the sea not knowing what depth and clarity lies beneath the mystery.

And most of the time you’ll wish you acted sensible instead. It would’ve been easier, more comfortable – safer.

But here’s the trade-off, those rare extraordinary life-altering moments? They will never be rooted in fear.

Because although the odds are against you – and most of the time everyone else will be proven right. Those singular and few moments that you prove them wrong will always outweigh the majority of your failures, regardless of the number of falls and attempts.

I promise you this, you can always regret acting out of fear, but you will never regret acting out of love.

Photo: Shekinah Bangsil | Location: Caesarea, Israel

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