Risk Being Seen

I’m done.

I’m tired of formulating half-baked ideas. I’m sick to death of unfulfilled plans. I’m all out of excuses to pause.

I don’t want to wait to get all my shit together to make the first step – I think I’ve waited long enough.

I don’t know what exactly to promise here, I never was consistent nor focused on just one thing.

If I wait for the time that I “figure it out” I might never be able to start.

Different interests, different stories permeate my life at different times, and I can never quite box it in.

So I think it’s best to leave it all out here than to leave it all brewing in my head.

All I can promise is that I will share something  (at least) every week  and what I put on here will always stem from something true.

I don’t know what this will eventually transform into but I can’t wait to see how this will one day bloom.

Photo: Alex Narciso | Location: Pinto Art Museum


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