The Villain

We all grew up knowing that the villain steals, kills, and destroys. These are obviously evil – we already know that. But what we take for granted is the fact we only know who the villain is because the storyteller already told us and made it obviously so. So how about real life? How can […]

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In Fear Or In Love

We will always reach a point where we will be given a choice to act out of either fear or love. It’s not something you notice until you really pay attention to it, but only when we’ve decided do we see what we’ve done. It could be as simple as saying hello to a stranger, […]

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Risk Being Seen

I’m done. I’m tired of formulating half-baked ideas. I’m sick to death of unfulfilled plans. I’m all out of excuses to pause. I don’t want to wait to get all my shit together to make the first step – I think I’ve waited long enough. I don’t know what exactly to promise here, I never […]

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